Juicy Tender

from Juicy Tender by Greem Jellyfish

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We begin in a sterile office space. Ceiling tiles flutter overhead from the force of air conditioning. A worker hunches in her seat.
Rebecca runs a successful cyber security startup. Alexa is her lesbian partner and co-founder. They hack businesses and governments to find weaknesses in their systems. All they do is work, eighty-hour weeks of numbing labor.

One day, Alexa surprises her with a secret gift: a flight out of town; a chance for her to finally relax. Hearing the distant melody of a mystic bell, she senses an oncoming jolt of excitement.

Rebecca arrives at the airport and her anxieties begin to melt away… until she realizes she’s late for her flight. She almost has a nervous breakdown because she doesn’t want to disappoint Alexa. Remembering a vulnerability she recently discovered, she breaks into the airline’s network and miraculously stops the plane. As her heart rate crescendos, a simple, strong bassline plays, and she’s ushered onboard.

Waking at her destination, she immediately descends into nature, getting lost. She searches for juicy, tender food like scallops and mushrooms, basking in the pleasures of the secluded wilderness.
Once she grows restless, Rebecca returns to the city, to a liquid sanctuary of pink and purple hues, to the dancefloor. There she discovers Alexa with another woman.

Juicy Tender is an exploration of exodus and urban life. Though we leave the city in search of extraordinary experiences, we sometimes return to loneliness. Ultimately, refuge is not a place but a set of material conditions: Art, Food, Music, Mountain, Ocean, Family, Friend.


from Juicy Tender, released June 5, 2019
Mastered by Sarah Register: sarahregister.com


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